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The Olmstead Consumer Taskforce recently switched from an application process with deadlines to a rolling application process. When people apply to the Taskforce, a member of the Nominations Committee reaches out to them to discuss how they can get involved even if there isn’t an open seat at that time.

Link to the application for new members.

Please read the information below to learn more about the Taskforce. The Taskforce Membership FAQs provide details about member roles and responsibilities.

Taskforce Membership FAQs

Q: Who serves on the Taskforce?

A: The Taskforce has 21 voting members. The Taskforce by-laws require that 51% of the members be individuals with disabilities or family members of someone with a disability. Members include:

  • Adults of any age with a disability
  • Family members of individuals with disabilities
  • Individuals who live or have lived in an institutional setting
  • People who can represent the interests of older Iowans
  • People who can represent the interests of children with disabilities
  • Members of statewide advocacy organizations and others who advocate for the rights of individuals with disabilities

Q: What are Taskforce member responsibilities? 

A: The success and impact of the Taskforce depends on the active participation of its members. Attending and participating in meetings is important, as is having a desire to engage with other members, state agency partners, and others to advocate for the necessary supports to make the vision of “a life in the community for everyone” possible. Taskforce members are asked to:

  • Attend six half-day meetings a year by Zoom.
  • Serve on a committee to continue the work of the Taskforce between meetings. Committees typically meet once between meetings by Zoom.
  • Learn about local, state, and federal issues that impact people with disabilities.
  • Ask questions, share information, and work with other Taskforce members to advise state agency partners and others on supports and programs that individuals with disabilities need to be able to live and thrive in the community.

Q: How often does the Taskforce meet?

A: The Taskforce meets six times a year by Zoom. Meetings are held from 10am-2pm with a 15-minute break.

Q: Are Taskforce members paid?

A: Taskforce members are volunteers. However, the Taskforce currently has funds to reimburse members for the costs of participating on the Taskforce, which includes:

  • A $50 stipend for each full-day meeting
  • Reimbursement for the costs of a personal attendant to accompany members to meetings if needed
  • Travel costs including mileage, overnight stays, and meals

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