Current Members

Taskforce members include people with disabilities, family members, advocates, representatives of key state agencies, and other stakeholders.

Olmstead Consumer Taskforce Voting Members

State Agency Representatives

Name Term Ends
Alaniz, Amber 9/30/2024
Allmandinger, Michelle 9/30/2025
Brown, Mari9/30/2023
Connolly, Paula 9/30/2024
Desenberg-Wines, Amy 9/30/2025
Esbeck, Edward9/30/2024
Fier, Greg 9/30/2023
Frey, Garret 9/30/2023
Green, Aaron 9/30/2024
Gulbranson, Harriet 9/30/2023
Haley, Melinda 9/30/2023
Hines, Marc 9/30/2023
Martin, Michael 9/30/2022
Montross, Brittney 9/30/2023
Pakkebier, Lisa 9/30/2023
Roberts, Mary9/30/2025
Simmering, Jen 9/30/2023
Strobeck, Megz 9/30/2024
Vander Molen, Joel 9/30/2023
Williams, Jessica 9/30/2024
Board of RegentsOpen position
Department for the BlindKim Barber
Department of Administrative Services (DAS)Open position
Department of Corrections (DOC)Katrina Carter
Department of Education (DE)Eric Gebhart
Department of Human RightsLisa Schneider
Department of Health and Human Services,
Mental Health and Disability Services (MHDS)
Connie Fanselow
Department of Inspections and Appeals (DIA)Linda Kellen
Department of ManagementSandra Hurtado-Peters
Department of Public Safety (DPS)Ljerka Vasiljevic
Department of Transportation (DOT)Kristin Haar
Department of Veterans Affairs (VA)Open position
Iowa Civil Rights Commission (ICRC)Open position
Iowa Department of Aging (IDA)Julie Bergeson
Iowa Economic Development AuthorityOpen position
Iowa Finance Authority (IFA)Terri Rosonke
Iowa Veterans HomeJodi Tymeson
Iowa Workforce Development (IWD)Open position
Office of the GovernorOpen position

Taskforce Support Staff

Anne CrottyCenter for Disabilities and Development
Ann DvorskyCenter for Disabilities and Development